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Israeli Residential Lending

Are you planning to buy a property in Israel, or already own a property and wish to release equity?

Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank is the largest mortgage bank in Israel, and here at our London branch we can offer you a variety of solutions to finance your home in Israel. We will assign you with a dedicated Relationship Manager who speaks English and will be providing a personal service from our London office.

We specialise in providing financing solutions against properties in Israel. We are the only Israeli bank in London that has a dedicated Israeli Residential Lending team.

The Loan currency, the tenor of the loan and the frequency of repayments can be chosen by the customer.

Our Israeli Residential Lending team offers:

  • Personalised/tailor-made loan solutions

  • Multi-currency facilities for up to 20 years

  • LTV of up to 50%

  • Interest only loans for up to 24 months, subject to certain conditions

  • Co-ordination with your lawyer, insurance agent and valuer in Israel

  • Finance for new or existing properties

  • All correspondence and documentation in English

  • No penalty fees for early repayments for variable rate loans

  • We provide competitive foreign currency exchange rates through our dealing room